AP Charity Challenge

 Friends, Family and Fans,

I am inspired and I want you to be too.  The Challenged Athletes Foundation is transforming lives.  This year, I am working closely with CAF to help them provide a support network, a renewed sense of purpose, structure and friendship to the CAF athletes.

As part of my team’s efforts, we have put together the Andy Potts CAF Charity Challenge.  Here are the details:

Donation Page: www.sdtc13.kintera.org/andypotts

How The Challenge Works: 

  • You can donate ANY amount, but ONLY donations of $24 will make you eligible to earn some of the great fundraising awards that my sponsors have provided.
  • For every multiple of $24 that you donate, you get another chance at an award. $48 earns you two chances, $72 earns you three, etc. 
  • Only Donations of $240 or more will be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE.
  • The awards will be done electronically, so you DO NOT have to be there.
  • We will do selection via a roll-down system. So the first person will get first pick of awards, second place gets second choice, etc.


What Are The Donation Awards:

GRAND PRIZE- Training Day with Andy Potts- Airfare and transportation provided.

Donate $24 or More To Be Eligible for the Following:

6 x Asics Prize Package:  6 lucky winners will receive a pair of Asics Running Shoes, Running Top, Running Shorts, Running Socks and Hat: www.asicsamerica.com

Computrainer Unit: Train like Andy and use a computrainer every day to reach your next PR.  1 Lucky Winner will Receive a Computrainer

Powerbar: 1 Year’s Supply of Powerbar Products: http://www.racermateinc.com/ 

4 x Rudy Project Prize Packages: 4 Lucky winner’s will receive a Rudy Project Helmet and Sunglasses of their choice: http://www.rudyproject.com/

TYR Prize Package: TYR Andy Potts Signature Wetsuit, TYR Special Ops Goggles & TYR Torque SwimSkin: www.tyr.com

Nathan Sports Tri Package:  A lucky winner will receive a Nathan Mission Control Bag, Gigabite Box, Speedfeed Box and a Haul it All Bag: http://nathansports.com/gear/tri-series

Fuji Declaration Cruiser: Great for getting around town, cruising with the family or for getting to work.  If you are going to cruise, cruise in style.http://www.fujibikes.com/bike/details/declaration    

ISM Saddle- Signed by Andy: http://www.ismseat.com/saddle

KONA Signature Prizes:  All items are Andy’s personal items that he will use in Kona and sign:

  • Asics Sneakers
  • Asics Hat
  • TYR Torque SwimSkin
  • TYR Carbon Tri Kit from
  • Rudy Project Sunglasses
  • Rudy Project Helmet
  • Life Proof/CAF/Potts Iphone 5 Case
  • Nathan AP Pro Aero Bottle
  • Nathan Speedfeed Box


It’s not often we can change the world for someone. Please partner with me to seize this opportunity and transform a life.  Join me in making dreams come true for challenged athletes. 

Please follow this link to donate: www.sdtc13.kintera.org/andypotts


Thank you for your support,

Andy Potts & Team

AP Racing Nutrition: Sponsored by PowerBar

Moving forward, I will post a Post Race Nutrition Breakdown so that everyone can have a little insight into what I ate/did on race day.  

A big part of racing is anticipation. You need to anticipate your needs and react when circumstances change. I had a good day because I was prepared for the demands of the race physically, mentally, & nutritionally. Thanks PowerBar for helping me prepare my best.  It is important to note, that I did not grab anything from aid stations. Thank you Nathan for helping me have the perfect hydration/nutrition carrying solution- I had my AP Pro Aerobottle and Speed Feed Box on the bike and the Nathan Quickdraw on the run.

Nutrition breakdown:

  • 1 Pre race muffin - blueberry
  • 5 x PowerGels in aero bottle mixed with PowerBar Perform
  • 1 x 24 oz bottle on bike with PowerBar Perform
  • 1 x 8 oz bottle on run with mix of 2 PowerGels & Perform